Keeping Our Roads Safe

Every year Operation Red Nose Sudbury joins the Greater Sudbury Police Service and Tim Hortons at R.I.D.E. spot checks to thank Sudburians for not drinking and driving with Tim Hortons Gift Cards.
Keeping Our Roads Safe

Rudy’s Ride

Cambrian Ford is Operation Red Nose Sudbury's exclusive supplier of Rudy's ride! Rudy and company travel throughout Greater Sudbury to spread our important message not to drink and drive.
Rudy’s Ride

Cambrian College Students

Cambrian College Police Foundation students setup and maintain our headquarters located at NORCAT on Maley Drive.
Cambrian College Students

Rudy Welcomes Santa

Rudy and company join with Community Partners and Sponsors to officially welcome in the holiday season at the annual Santa Claus parade in beautiful downtown Sudbury.
Rudy Welcomes Santa
We celebrate our success with an annual Volunteer Appreciation Beach Party with lots of fun activities and prizes!
Volunteer Appreciation Party

What Is Operation Red Nose?

Operation Red Nose is a national program dedicated to the fight against drinking and driving.  It is a free, confidential, volunteer-driver service offered to any individual who has been drinking or who simply does not feel fit to drive his/her vehicle home.

A Short History of Operation Red Nose

This “if you drink don’t drive” campaign originated in Quebec City.  Dr. Jean-Marie De Koninck, faculty member and swim coach at Laval University, offered the first rides in 1984.  He started that year with the help of his swim team, the Quebec City Police Service and CHRC Radio Station.  The first campaign gave 463 rides and involved 200 volunteers.  Operation Red Nose has spread across the country since then.  In 1998, 52,000 volunteers drove 101,668 motorists and their passengers safely home.

The Operation Red Nose program is a combination of raising public awareness against drinking and driving and providing financial support to local community organizations.  In 1999, Sudbury became the 99th community in Canada to host Operation Red Nose.

How Operation Red Nose Works

You’ve gone to a house party or your office Christmas party or just out to the bar for a drink and it’s time to go home, but you do not feel comfortable driving.

Call our Headquarters and a team of 3 will come and drive you home safely in your own car.  Two people will get in your car with you and the 3rd person will follow behind.

Your car will be parked in your driveway and you will be escorted to your door.  We’ll even drive your babysitter home (as long as one parent comes with us).

This is a FREE* confidential service provided by hundreds of volunteers whose main concern is the safety of our roads.  *Those receiving rides may make a voluntary donation to Operation Red Nose.

Objectives of Operation Red Nose


Make readily available a free, volunteer driver service to those who have been drinking or who do not feel fit to drive their own vehicle.


Use the opportunity provided by the Operation Red Nose campaign to inform the public of relevant information and statistics related to impaired driving.


Make the public more conscious of its responsibilities toward motorists who drive while impaired.


Make the public aware of the dangers and consequences of impaired driving.